Front Panel Integration

Our commitment is to serve you by providing the best touchscreen solutions.

The TPI business model and philosophy makes us the perfect partner for front panel/system integrators. We do not manufacture touch-monitors nor do we manufacture touch-computers. Our singular focus is to manufacture and supply the best component level touchscreens possible. And we will not compete with our customers in the integration business.

What we offer integrators is design help and options, such as mounting and environmental gaskets and optical adhesives, to simplify the touchscreen integration process. TPI can supply ultra thin assemblies to help you retrofit portable and laptop computers. We can also optimize the touchscreen’s tail location and type to match your constraints and can utilize materials to optically enhance and ruggedize your assembly.

  • Cost effective
  • Provide design help to streamline assembly
  • Customization to simplify integration
  • Won’t compete with you

Our commitment at TPI is to serve you by providing the best touchscreen solutions. Unlike other touchscreen providers, TPI’s goal is to be your partner in support of your products and not to compete with you in your markets. Please contact one of our application engineers to review your specific requirements or to obtain additional information.

Front Panel Integration

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