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Transparent Products, Inc. (TPI) is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom resistive touchscreens.

TPI is a privately held California Corporation, established in 1992. Our product focus is on custom designs and value added features. TPI’s touchscreens are used in diverse applications such as industrial control and automation, medical, telecommunications, automotive and military. TPI’s touchscreens are custom designed to give the users the flexibility and functionality they seek in today’s sophisticated electronic assemblies.

TPI’s Management, Engineering and Manufacturing team has been involved in design and manufacture of touchscreens for close to three decades. Together they developed the first touchscreen used in the demanding automotive field. Touchscreens designed and manufactured by TPI’s employees were installed in the 1986 model year Buick Riviera.

TPI owns a 21,000 square feet facility, located in a high tech industrial park in the city of Valencia, situated 35 miles north of down town Los Angeles with easy access to all modes of transportation. The entire facility is air conditioned and environmentally controlled to facilitate consistent and controlled manufacturing and assembly processes and to sustain high manufacturing yields. The facility includes 7000 square feet of clean room devoted to final assembly and 5000 square feet of office space with the rest allocated to manufacturing and storage. An offsite storage unit of 1500 square feet is dedicated to documentation and tooling retention.

Unlike many of its competitors, TPI’s core business is the design and manufacture of resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens. TPI controls and performs 100% of the design, manufacturing, sales, and customer service functions from its integrated facility in Valencia, California (USA). TPI offers competitive pricing, short lead times, flexible delivery schedules and long term product availability.

At TPI we view each touchscreen design individually. We first seek to understand a customer’s needs and objectives and then respond with a personalized solution that supports their requirements. We guide the customer to the proper combination of material, design and appropriate options to maximize the performance of their touchscreens. Our customer’s recognize that a properly designed and quality built touchscreen combined with superior customer service help to increase their sales and improve their bottom line.

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