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TPI's access to an extensive array of both conductive and non-conductive films enables us to meet the functional and esthetic requirements of various industries and demanding applications.

Conductive Films

Transparent conductive films are an essential component of a resistive touchscreen. They not only determine the electrical performance of these devices, but also have direct impact on optical performance and durability of these components.

Low resistivity films are used to provide shield layers against EMI, RFI or ESD and they also impact the touchscreen’s optics and mechanical performance.

Non-conductive Films

Non-conductive films such as buffer layers and polarizers also play a crucial role in a well designed touchscreen. Buffer layers add durability and enhance optics while polarizers and other optical films improve viewability and privacy.

These films include but are not limited to,

  • ITO coated films for Resistive touchscreen active layers:
    • 50 to 500 Ohms/square on a variety of substrates
  • Low Resistivity ITO coated films for shielding:
    • 5 to 50 Ohms/square on a variety of substrates
  • Index Matched ITO Films:
    • To reduce reflection and increase transmission
  • Refractive Index Matched ITO films:
    • To substantially reduce visibility of etch patterns
  • Anti Glare Coating:
    • To reduce reflection
  • Hard Coating:
    • To resist scratches
  • Anti-Reflective Coating:
    • To reduce reflection
  • Smudge Resistance Coating:
    • To minimize finger marks

Specific Requirements

Please contact one of our application engineers at 661-294-9787 to review your specific requirements and to help you select the best combination of films for your application.

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