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Industrial Controls and Instrumentation

The simple act of pointing and touching the display to activate a command has proven to be the most efficient interface for industrial control and instrumentation applications.

Touchscreens enable menu driven touch inputs which in turn reduce complexity of the overall man machine interface (MMI). Use of a touchscreen reduces training time, increases efficiency and decreases operator errors.

More and more OEMs are choosing touchscreens for their MMIs and TPI has been on the forefront of supplying these OEMs with suitable touch solutions. By combining TPI’s rugged Projected Capacitive and Resistive touchscreens with graphic overlays, membrane switches, bezels and other value added features, TPI can provide a complete front panel assembly for your application. TPI touchscreens are activated by bare fingers, gloved hands or a stylus to meet the needs of operators on factory floors. The ability to completely seal these touch assemblies make them the ideal candidate for industrial applications. The use of chemically strengthened glass substrates substantially improves survivability of these touchscreens. Utilizing glass or hard-coated front surfaces protects and extends the life of the touchscreens.

  • NEMA sealable against accidental liquid spills or for cleaning
  • Gloved hands, finger or stylus activation
  • Chemically strengthened glass substrate for durability
  • Glass or hard-coated front surface to withstand factory floor abuses
  • Addition of graphic overlays, membrane switches and bezels for a complete front panel assembly
  • Due to non-obsolescence, TPI’s products are available for the life of your product

Years of serving the industrial control and instrumentation market has made TPI keenly aware of the needs of this industry. Please contact one of our application engineers to review your specific requirements or to obtain additional information.

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