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Military and Aerospace

TPI touchscreens have a proven track record of being used in demanding military and aerospace applications.

TPI’s touchscreens meet military requirements such as reliability, accuracy, ruggedness, optical performance and EMI suppression in extreme environments including high altitude, high and low temperature, high humidity, salt spray and sand storms consistently and reliably.

TPI produces touchscreens with VLT of greater than 90% and specular reflection of less than 1%. In the case of Resistive touchscreens, actuation force is fine tuned to meet your exact requirements. Surface protection provided by hard coated films or thin cover glass increases durability. Chemically strengthened glass substrates with multi-layer conductive and anti-reflective coatings provide strength, suppress EMI and improve optics. The ability to activate the touchscreen with bare fingers, gloved hands or a stylus provides unlimited options to the end user in the field.

  • Ability to shield against EMI
  • Optically enhanced for optimum viewability
  • Gloved hands, finger or stylus activation
  • Chemically strengthened cover glass or glass substrate for durability
  • Hardcoat layer or thin cover glass to withstand demanding usage
  • Ability to add graphic overlays, mounting and environmental gaskets
  • Due to non-obsolescence, TPI’s products are available for the life of your product

Years of serving the military and aerospace markets has made TPI intimately familiar with the requirements of the military and aerospace industries. Please contact one of our application engineers to review your specific requirements or to obtain additional information.

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