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The factors which make them popular for these industries are; ease of use, easily sanitized touch surface, accurate and reliable.

Touchscreens are ubiquitous in POS and POI applications. The factors which make them popular for these industries are; ease of use, easily sanitized touch surface, accurate and reliable, to name a few. Restaurants, bars, cafes and other food services establishments have universally embraced resistive touchscreens as their input device of choice. Touchscreen based information terminals used in airports, train stations, shopping centers, museums, commercial buildings and parks, provide a wealth of information to users – reliably and cost effectively. Retailers across the world take advantage of touchscreens to streamline their checkout process, inventory control operations and employee training.

TPI’s touchscreens have been used in POS and POI applications since 1992. Years of supplying touchscreens to these industries has uniquely prepared TPI to provide solutions to this market segment. Customization services provided by TPI enables you to reduce cost, enhance the appearance of your product, eliminate multiple vendors and lower overall cost of ownership. Our ability to combine design elements such as analog and matrix touchscreens, distinct finger entry and signature capture regions, membrane switches and graphic overlays give design engineers many options for product enhancement and product differentiation.

  • Cost effective
  • Simple, reliable and accurate electronic interface
  • Gloved hands, finger or stylus activation
  • Ability to sanitize the touchscreen’s sealed surface
  • Multiple options to enhance and differentiate your product
  • Available for the life of your product and beyond

Our commitment at TPI is to serve you by providing the best touchscreen solutions. Unlike other touchscreen providers, TPI’s goal is to be your partner in support of your products and not to compete with you in your markets. Please contact one of our application engineers to review your specific requirements or to obtain additional information.

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Point of Sale

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