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Fully customized projected capacitive touchscreens.

Basic Construction and Theory of Operation

TPI’s CapaciTouch® touchscreens are constructed of two electrically conductive layers (ITO coated film or glass). The opposing layers of a CapaciTouch® are bonded together using optically clear adhesive. These layers are typically positioned behind and are optically bonded to a cover glass. Transparent and conductive coating on each active layer is laser etched to form a matrix of rows and columns perpendicular to one another. As a finger approaches the touchscreen surface it alters the mutual capacitance present between two adjacent electrodes. The controller detects and translates these changes into positional data. Touchscreen resolution is determined by the combination of the number of rows, columns and software interpolation of the raw data. Connection to the controller is achieved thru a bonded flexible tail. CapaciTouch® is highly accurate, has no mechanical or moving parts to wear under repeated use, and does not require calibration throughout its operating life. CapaciTouch® is capable of single, multi- touch and gesture detection in transparent or opaque configurations, as well as rigid or flexible versions.

Features and Benefits

  • Built to your exact specifications from 2″ to 32″ Diagonal
  • Superior optical qualities
  • Single or multitouch
  • Highly accurate and does not require calibration
  • Extremely reliable
  • Bare finger or gloved hand input
  • 3 year limited warranty



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