Crystal clear LCD heaters

Basic Construction and Theory of Operation

TPI’s CrystalHeat® transparent heaters are constructed of a layer of electrically conductive transparent film with screen-printed parallel busbars positioned along the edges. Lead wires are then attached to the busbars to provide means of electrical connection. Applying power to the busbars, through the lead wires, creates a uniform heating surface. Maximum wattage of up to 1.0 watt/in2 is recommended for most applications. (Wattage is a function of input voltage, surface resistivity and heater geometry.) These heaters can be provided with optical grade adhesive, laminated on the back, for easy mounting in front or behind an LCD display. TPI’s CrystalHeat® transparent heaters are designed for use with LCD displays in military and commercial applications under harsh environmental conditions. CrystalHeat® prevents freezing of LCDs in cold environments hence making them readable in temperatures well below freezing point.

Features and Benefits

  • No resistance wire to obstruct the view
  • Ultra-Thin Construction
  • Crystal Clear
  • Easy to Mount


  • Front Surface Treatments – Anti Glare, Anti Reflection, Scratch Resistant
  • Lead wire or solder tab termination
  • Temperature Sensor


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